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About Us

James Ellsworth, CEO (Chief Environmental Officer!), has a passion for adventure travel and teaching people about the natural world. James is a guide and naturalist with a Masters degree in Geography. He has worked (as both a guide and Operations Director) in the international Adventure Travel industry for almost 20 years. James worked as a scientist in Grand Canyon National Park, using photos to study sandbar stability through varying flow regimes from Glen Canyon Dam. He also helped open up commercial river rafting in China with The Nature Conservancy, coordinated logistics and personnel for special projects such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and IMAX Films throughout the globe. His early years were spent in outdoor education which focused on Environmental Education and stewardship. Give James a call to discuss your trip of a lifetime!

Family Focused Itineraries

All of our destinations are chosen not only for their pristine wilderness value, but because they are all are the “perfect” family destinations. We then take that perfect palette for a family vacation destination and make it even better by providing activities that are fun for the whole family. Parents will not be bored on these itineraries and neither will your kids! Most of our departures are catered to families with kids 6 and up.

Child Activity Director (CAD) for groups of 8 or more

We provide an extra guide on trips with groups of 8 or more people (not just kids). Most Child Activity Directors are grade school teachers and/or trained naturalists. This provides the adults with some much needed break time so you can have your vacation on your vacation! Yours kids will never be bored on these trips, as the CAD will help facilitate activities daily (and even hourly) for the kids in the group. Adults are always welcome to join in. Every trip brings along a huge Game Bag with tons of items for FUN! Environmental Education is one of the focal points for all CAD’s. Activities are also varied as to the skills of the individual CAD and destination country, however some of the following are guidelines for them to use as tools.

• Learn to catch lizards with dental floss
• Learn a new language
• Catch tadpoles and minnows
• Learn geology thru pancakes!
• Paddle an inflatable kayak
• Try gold panning on a beach
• Enjoy silent time to listen to nature
• Watch monkeys grooming in the trees
• Catch a rainbow trout
• Collect rocks, shells, and other treasures
• Sleep under the shooting stars
• Climb a waterfall
• Swoosh down a waterslide into a river
• Listen to fun history stories of your destination country
• Build castles in the sand
• Do some arts and crafts
• Design and put on a skit for the adults
• Go to sleep with the sounds of the river or ocean
• Go on a scavenger hunt
• Play with your new friends!

*note- CAD’s are present on both Costa Rica trips, the Ecuador highlands section of Galapagos, and Turkey. Starting in the summer of 2008, the CAD’s will be on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River!

Best Family Experiences of a Lifetime!

We guarantee it!  We have personal experience of this, in fact, family reunions are a perfect excuse to come with Eco Family Adventures.  Your family for years will sit around and talk about the wonderful times you have had, and Eco Family Adventures  will rank on the top of the list.  Nothing is better for families than experiencing new things together, in nature, getting away from it all, and also having a positive impact on the place you are visiting.

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Whitewater Rafting on the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idaho

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