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ECO Family Adventures on the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idaho ECO Friendly Family Adventures in Costa Rica ECO Friendly Adventures in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands ECO Friendly Adventures in Turkey

ECO Friendly Trips

Carbon Neutral Trips Through the Purchase of Green Tags

Eco Family Adventures not only adheres to the “Leave No Trace” ethics of reducing one’s impact on the wild places we visit, we go the extra step and purchase Green Tags for all our trips, making them carbon neutral, so that every carbon molecule emitted (from transportation, electricity, even charcoal on the fire!) is accounted for and offset (reduced) by leaving a “green” footprint for renewable resources in another area of the globe.

The fact is we all emit carbon dioxide emissions when we drive, fly, use electricity, or generate waste. Solution - now you can actually invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that reduce carbon emissions. So on the one hand, you produce, and on the other, you reduce.

Eco Family Adventures offsets all carbon once you arrive on your trip.  We encourage you to use our Carbon Calculator and offset your flights to the destination as well, so you can go on a completely carbon free vacation!

We have a partnership with Sustainable Travel International (STI), which is addressing global climate change through innovative, concrete solutions. The service they offer is called Green Class®, a unique service that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions like carbon dioxide.  Our Green Class® project portfolio features Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) Green Tags and MyClimate™ carbon offsets, which are among the best offsetting services in the marketplace (verified by a third party). 

It’s Eco Family Adventures way of leaving the world a better place through sustainable tourism practices.  But we go the extra step, by helping local people solutions to their own environmental/social problems (see below).

You can purchase Carbon Offsets through our Carbon Calculator powered by Sustainable Travel International

Support Local Solutions to Local Environmental/Social Problems

Eco Family Adventures supports local solutions to local problems.  Who better to know what their problems are than the local people themselves, so we work with grassroots organizations in each destination.  Each trip member will participate in a local project while they are on the trip, which can last from a few hours to a full day.

Participate in Local NGO on Environmental/Social Stewardship

A few of the examples of  NGO’s we work with offer the following: planting trees in a deforested area of Costa Rica, to visiting a local orphanage in Ecuador to buy them shoes and bring them school supplies, to helping save the Salmon spawning grounds in Idaho. 

Eco Family Adventures mission is to help save the planet thru family vacations, and our three step program (Leave No Trace, Green Tags, and participating in local NGO) makes this possible.  Your family will grow tremendously through this experience and you will have memories to last you a lifetime.  It’s also a ton of fun too!
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Loggerhead Swimming in Costa Rica

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