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Family Adventure Vacations - Galapagos Island Adventure

The Galapagos Islands are a perfect destination for family adventure vacations.  We know this to be true: children and animals have a natural affinity for each other! We invite you to nature’s greatest animal viewing sites with your family for a Galapagos Island Adventure.

When Charles Darwin arrived here so many years ago, he too found the animal life intriguing as it showed no fear of humans. Now, you and your family can experience this spectacular wildlife haven for yourself, frolicking amongst the same rare and friendly creatures that captivated him as he formulated his theories on evolution. Swim with playful sea lions, walk amongst rookeries of dancing blue-footed boobies, and relax within an arm’s length of the famed Galapagos tortoise as these ancient creatures feed on the lush vegetation.


Trip Length: 9 Days

Activities: Hiking, sightseeing, 4-Day Galapagos cruise, wildlife viewing, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing on white sand beaches and orphanage visit.

Destinations: The Galapagos Islands, Otavalo Market, Quito, Equator Line, Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve & Parque Condor.

Pricing: $3390 Per Person. Additional park fees and internal airfaire apply. See detailed itinerary.

Ages: 5 and up



  • Cruise in style aboard the M/V Galapagos Legend , which was completely refurbished in 2002. 
  • Visit and hike in the Ecuador highlands.
  • Visit the Otavalo market.
  • Stay in a 200 year old Hacienda.
  • Visit and bring school supplies to an orphanage, then take them out for new shoes & ice cream and get to know these wonderful kids!


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Days 1-2- Meet in Quito, Ecuador, and transfer to the five-star Swissotel. Day 2 is City Tour of Quito and visit to Ethnographic Museum and the Equatorial Line.

Days 3-5 - Fly to the Galapagos Islands. Board galapagos Legend and begin your Galapagos cruise. The next four days in the Galapagos contain magical moments of discovery, with a naturalist guide helping you see the wonders of the islands. The Galapagos cruise itinerary varies, but you'll visit a combination of islands: San Cristobal, Fernandina, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Espanola (Hood), and Floreana. Each island has its own special personality: the blue-footed boobies, and waved albatross colony at Espanola; the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz; flightless cormorants and the marine iguanas on Fernandina.

Day 6 - Morning hike on North Seymour Island which has nesting sites for blue footed boobies and frigate birds, as well as marine and land iguanas and lots of sea lions. Mid-day flight to Quito, and transfer to the Hacienda Pinsaqui, built in 1790, where we will stay for the next two nights.

Day 7 - Visit a local orphanage and bring them books, pencils, and paper. Hike in the Cotacachi-Cayapas ecological reserve. Visit villages of Pinsaqui, Agato, Peguche where the artisans work on their products for the Otavalo Market

Day 8 - Visit to the world famous Otavalo Market, which only operates on Saturday, where you can purchase many gifts for your friends back home. Afternoon visit to Parque Condor a thirty-acre park is managed by a foundation dedicated to the care and rescue of predatory birds such as hawks and eagles, vultures and owls. Return to Quito

Day 9 - Depart home



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